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She got the idea from her math tutor and started immediately. We went out to get the material and things on Saturday and today after church she started working on them and she worked all day long.

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She decided to try to make them and sell them for Christmas money and has two orders already. Not bad. Of course, one of the orders is from her Sunday school teacher that always supports Bethany's endeavors to make money. The calendars are actually not a quick project. I think she was pretty tired by this evening, but said she would continue to work on them again tomorrow.

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I absolutely love watching her enthusiasm when she gets a new idea. Tess is also working on weaving this weekend. I'm not sure what she is making yet, but she has spent a couple of days working on this off and on.

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I am hoping she will continue with it and have something made in the next week or so. She seems to be enjoying weaving again..

I think there is something about fall that makes my kids do even more projects than usual. Tuesday, November 12, Our Fall Morning.

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This morning started off a beautiful fall day - though many might not think a rainy, windy day is beautiful. We were sitting in the family room watching the colorful leaves blow all around like rain and then the rain came and Bethany said it was a perfect, cozy day to read and have a fire. It was a wonderful morning and we had such a lovely time reading and reading. It was one of those mornings that just seemed perfect.

Then we decided to make the Maple Syrup Fudge we were supposed to make for our literature study and had not gotten around to doing. Tess was thrilled as she had asked several times and we just had not seemed to have the time.

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The kids enjoyed mixing and cooking it and I think they mainly wanted to eat it. We also support girls financially and materially to pursue education and other trainings. Besides we encourage older women to talk to their teenage daughters on matters of sexuality in order to save them from the jaws of teenage pregnancies and the resultant unplanned early marriages.

Should I urge her to take pride in her body—or help her shave it off?

To nurture girls who are informed of the effects of unplanned teenage pregnancies and forced early marriages through Sensitization, Training, Rehabilitation and Material Support. Cheptoo, a teenage girl brought up in a staunch Christian family, gets pregnant in her final year in High School.

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Despite her strong sense of discipline, hard work and constant guidance from her parents, she falls victim to this trap due to peer pressure and negative influence from her bosom friend Marie, who introduces her to male lovers. Cheptoo leads a devastating life for several years with dwindled academic, social and economic ability.

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Luckily, through a Good Samaritan, she goes back to school, recollects her life and eventually becomes a successful medical doctor. In this novel, Cheptoo writes a letter to her little sisters sharing her experiences and advising them on how to avoid the mistakes she made and lead a better quality life.