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In addition, docket sheets for each case show the actions taken in a case, including motions filed, orders entered, and arguments heard. Some of the docket sources below also provide questions presented, fact summaries, and links to selected documents such as briefs. Georgetown Law Library Guides U. Search this Guide Search.

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Supreme Court Research Guide This guide provides background information and suggests resources for further research on the history of the U. Supreme Court, the justices of the Court, and the Court's practice and decisions. Documents In a typical year, over 8, petitions are filed with the Supreme Court for review of lower court decisions. Opinions Opinions of the Supreme Court are widely reported and readily available in printed reporters, loose-leaf services, online databases, and the Web.

All decisions of the Court, including denials of certiorari and grants or denials of motions, are available online. Bloomberg Law allows filtering by Justice, but does not have field searching options. Starts with volume 1 from Browseable by volume, authoring justice and major case topic. Searchable by case title only. There are several educational, government, and commercial websites that offer judicial decisions free of charge; however, these sites do not provide the sophisticated searching available on subscription databases and may not be comprehensive.

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Google Scholar All Supreme Court decisions. This archive contains all opinions of the court issued since May and a number of "historic" decisions prior to that date. Full text keyword search or browse by topic, author, or party. A2 Official version of Supreme Court opinions published by the Court. A32 Unofficial version published by West with coverage beginning with the Term. Opinions appear approximately four to six weeks after the date of decision in advance sheets.

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Ed, L. A Unofficial version published by LexisNexis. In addition to the full text of the opinions, this version contains summaries of counsel briefs for each opinion and annotations on three to five important opinions in each volume. Supreme Court Reports Lawyer's Edition.

Selected Antitrust Cases: Landmark Decisions in Federal Antitrust

B57 Lists opinions including dissents and concurrences written by each justice from to and provides citations but no summaries. G83 Provides citations to books and articles published between and that have discussed, reprinted, or excerpted various Supreme Court cases. Includes citations to many publications not covered by Shepard,s or KeyCite see the section on Citators, below. Kelly S.

G83 A continuation of Guenther's index. A4 Subject index to the Court's earliest cases. Shepardizing a court rule will only tell you whether it has been cited by any decision or secondary source; it will not tell you whether the rule has been superseded. KeyCiting a court rule will only tell you whether it has been cited by any decision or secondary source; it will not tell you whether the rule has been superseded.

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Orders The Supreme Court issues orders related to the grant or denial of certiorari, stays, motions in pending cases, mandamus, rehearings, permission to file amicus briefs, and attorney discipline. Petitions for Writ of Certiorari A petition for writ of certiorari is a filing asking the Court to hear a case. Supreme Court Briefs Selected petitions from to present. Availability is greater for more recent cases and cases granted certioriari. Supreme Court in the period and materials from approximately , Supreme Court cases, including cases where certiorari was denied.

L3 Provides documents and oral arguments from major constitutional law cases since In recent years, this set has covered cases each term; fewer cases were covered in earlier years.

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U54 Micro The Georgetown Law Library has an extensive collection of Supreme Court records and briefs on microfiche, including some cert. Access to materials from this time period requires the use of an index. From October to , provides cert. The briefs are arranged by docket number.

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Briefs Parties to each case considered by the Supreme Court file briefs related to the merits of the case. Supreme Court Briefs Selected petitions and related briefs as early as Office of the Solicitor General Merits briefs from to present site does not include responses to "in forma pauperis" petitions. L3 Contains briefs filed in major constitutional law cases since U54 Micro Merits briefs from to present.

The dealers appealed to the U.

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  7. Supreme Court, claiming that the government lacked power under the Constitution to regulate their business activities. The Supreme Court reviewed the case in The Court, in a decision written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes , ruled that the Sherman Act was constitutional and an injunction could be enforced against the dealers.

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    The dealers claimed that their business activities fell outside of what Congress could legally regulate. The Sherman Act itself is only legal, they claimed, because the Constitution's Commerce Clause allows Congress to regulate "interstate commerce. Ogden , the Court had interpreted "interstate commerce" to mean only the buying, selling, and transport of goods between states.

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    The defendants argued their business activities were, by contrast, local in nature and thus beyond the powers of Congress to regulate. The Court disagreed. Stated Justice Holmes, "When cattle are sent for sale from a place in one State with the expectation that they will end their transit, after purchase in another, and when in effect they do so Thus, the federal government was within its Commerce Clause powers to shut down the defendants' local activities under the Sherman Act.

    The injunction against Swift and the other defendants was affirmed. Knight In Knight, the Court held that commercial activities inherently local in nature, such as manufacturing in a factory, fell outside of "interstate commerce" and could not be regulated by Congress even if such activities compromised interstate trade.