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Meet our clients and learn about their successes. Mannaz is dedicated to developing the capabilities of people and organisations. We work closely with our clients to understand exactly what they need before co-creating a strategy to ensure success.

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It always starts with a conversation. Mannaz enables leaders and organisations all over the world to achieve sustainable change as they become the driving force in shaping and implementing their own future. COWI, a leading consulting group, focuses on engineering and environmental sciences. Given crime trends, international terrorism and complex refugee situations, The Danish Police co-created with Mannaz a new means to lead policing nationally and locally.

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Mannaz co-created divisional growth strategies by empowering the individual. And, we looked at key data from employee engagement surveys for additional insight. We then helped hospital leadership target the right resources to make this department more successful. Because staff felt heard through the diagnostic process, they began to communicate better, even before the recommendations were implemented.

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The CEO had been promoted fairly recently, and she wanted to set the medical center on a new course to keep it competitive. She needed her senior team to be excited about her vision and roll up their sleeves together to make it a reality. They were used to a CEO with a directive style and less input into strategy. How could she shift the culture of her team?

Wildfire designed a set of semi-annual team-building and strategic planning retreats for the CEO and her team, plus strategic planning working groups to move recommendations forward.

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We based the team-building work on the Five Behaviors of a Team model and DiSC, and designed the parallel strategic working groups. The results have been clarity on strategic direction for the medical center and a more cohesive senior team that could drive the execution of that strategy. When one hospital department became so toxic that communication only occurred via post-it note, leadership knew it was time to get help.

Wildfire was called in, and found doctors and nurses who were barely speaking with one another, and staff who were over-stretched, under-resourced, and felt disrespected. Hospital leadership made the commitment to get that focus back on track. The kickoff of our work coincided with the hiring of a new department chief.

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The new chief was very open to our partnership. Following an in-depth assessment that included live interviews and a survey, we delivered the findings back to a large group of the staff and hospital leadership. Kroll Ontrack, Inc. ED Texas We represented the co-defendant Engenium in a patent case involving document searching using artificial intelligence.

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SD Texas We represented all defendants in TRO and preliminary injunction proceedings in a trade secrets and breach of contract action involving fiber optic cable manufacturing technology. Duhn Oil Tool, Inc. ED California; Federal Circuit We represented defendant Cameron in a trial and on appeal of a patent infringement case involving frac mandrels used for fracing gas wells. Thomson Learning, Inc. WD Texas We represented the defendant in a patent infringement case involving software for online teaching.