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Old Wounds will always do things their own way.

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Four years ago, the New Jersey four-piece released The Suffering Spirit, awakening a fresh sense of fervor for the genre and its future. But after touring on the record, the band went on an unexpected hiatus full of internal strife and member changes. That Old Wounds hail from New Jersey is explanation enough for their long-game determination and drive. Thankfully, vocalist Kevin Iavaroni is a Jersey native with a lifetime of knowledge about his home state.

But growing up, I was fascinated by the violence. To me there was a romanticism about it and an excitement to not knowing what could happen at a show. Over time, this inevitably will reduce the economic predominance of coastal northern Tunisia over the southern hinterland. In May , An-Nahda made headway in local elections. It won 28 per cent of municipal council seats against 20 per cent for Nida Tounes , including in all the main cities. The next month, it took charge of the administration in 36 per cent of all municipalities compared with 22 per cent for Nida Tounes.

By this unwritten agreement, An-Nahda had accepted less power than its electoral weight would suggest it should have, with just three ministries, none a major one; it had also agreed not to interfere with the established patronage networks, for example by placing its backers in senior executive positions.

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Its electoral show of strength triggered a response from an inchoate coalition of senior figures in government, business and professional associations and trade unions, as well as far-left activists and Arab nationalists. They started to pressure the interior and justice ministries to classify the Islamist party as a terrorist organisation, and on the military courts to dissolve it and imprison some of its leaders. The resurfacing of this rift invites a return to Tunisian politics of political competition that has dominated the Middle East and North Africa region since — between Turkey and Qatar, representing the Islamist bloc, on one side, and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, on the other.

An intensifying struggle over resources would further deepen the rift between Islamists and anti-Islamists. It will need to cobble together a governing coalition, and optimally will be willing once again to forgo key ministries and maintain its tacit agreement with the anti-Islamists. However, other scenarios are possible. If tensions come to a head before the elections, violence could get in the way of the electoral process. This could prompt the president to declare a state of emergency, as provided for under the constitution, but without additional constitutional checks, this could put Tunisia back on the path of autocratic rule.

For this reason, it is critical that the parliament establish a Constitutional Court, which would adjudicate whether the state of emergency can be extended thirty days after its entry into force. The court should have a politically diverse composition that might help to prevent it from endorsing such a move. Indeed, under this scenario, the absence of a Constitutional Court could plunge Tunisia into dangerous waters.

It follows that, despite the disappointing pace of economic and political reforms pension reform, reducing the public-sector payroll, improving the business climate, greater fiscal transparency, advancing negotiations about the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, creating the Constitutional Court and replacing four members of the Independent High Authority for Elections so that this body can move forward with organising the legislative and presidential elections of late , the EU should continue to provide macro-economic support to prevent the situation from deteriorating even further.

In addition, it should encourage the government to prioritise public-administration reform, render public-sector appointments and transfers more transparent, and introduce clear rules governing its relations with senior administrative officials — all steps that, by reducing the role of partisan patronage would help prevent further polarisation between Islamists and anti-Islamists. I mean, I take my time with every haircut that I do.

And just the smells in the barbershop, the sounds of our shop — it's just something I've always liked.

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Somebody that wants an unrealistic cut. That happens a lot because some people are just not made for certain haircuts and I'll tell them as nicely as possible. If somebody comes to me, like they have extremely long hair, I'll trim their hair. I don't like changing people too much because that's when there's a lot of room for error and they might not be stoked.

Bleaching and conditioning.

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They just get the two-in-one or even the three in one — it's the body wash, facewash, a shampoo and conditioner. There's no way that the stuff you put on your skin should be put on your hair. Ohhhh, no. I'm the diva of the group. So I'm bringing multiple products. I'm bringing a shampoo, I'm bringing a conditioner, I'm bringing some sort of hair mask, I'm bringing face mask ….

I don't think that I'm that talented. I've always looked up to androgynous figures and it was something that always just made me feel comfortable in my own skin and it was just another artistic outlet for me. But I don't think I can be like a makeup guru or anything like that. Oh yeah, yeah. We've talked about it a few times.

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I asked him if he likes doing men's hair, because he does mostly does women's hair. I prefer doing men's hair and I think he likes the doing women's hair, but we talked about it sometimes, yeah. I mean, he was definitely a big inspiration for me wanting to pick up some scissors and cut hair and play in a band.

Eighteen Visions is a big influence on me wanting to play heavy music. And yes, the fact that he was a stylist was very appealing, as well.

So, taking some notes from his book, I guess. I guess that was the term, "fashioncore. But I needed to look ridiculous. That's insane. It's definitely happened. Maybe more so in the earlier years when we were playing these punk and metal shows and there's this figure, dressed in all black and wearing mascara and eye shadow and lipstick and really cares about how his cheekbones look and if they're contoured. So, it's definitely happened. And it's sad to see that people would use that vile, disgusting, hateful word. It really, really does.

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It bothers me because I know how much it can hurt someone else. That's a strange thing to hear at one of our shows, but again, it's not really one of our shows per se. We were fortunate enough to be with Eighteen Visions. And that's why I feel like it will always be important for my band to speak up against people doing, using that. It's disgusting. Ugg, that kind of drives me mad a little bit. We did. I had no idea what their political stance was.

So it was really cool to see firsthand what they were about, what they spoke about.

Old Wounds

And I knew that we would get along quite well. So after the show we hung out and I just asked them that we should play more shows together in the future. But yeah, I think these shows are going to be really, really special. That was actually a Mikey [ Weintraub, bassist ]'s idea! Like I said before, I've always I'm not a man's man by any means.