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When too much skin shows you begin to lean towards a trashy look instead of a classy one. The key is to leave your audience wanting more.

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Know the limits when it comes to cleavage. Especially for bustier girls, too much cleavage will overwhelm those around you.

When speaking to people, especially males, there is only one thing they will be able to focus on, and that is not your words. Without meaning to you may give others the wrong impression of yourself and your character. Stick with a moderate v cut, or even trade out cleavage for a top or dress that shows off your back.

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This classier choice allows you to be presented in a sophisticated and confident manner. Wear sensual colors. When trying to make a statement a certain color can do it all on its own, even if the outfit itself is relatively simple. Red, berry and peach are great colors for a soft, feminine look. These shades are eye catching and will automatically draw in the attention of those around you.

In addition to this they portray romantic and intimate vibes as well. A simple black top or dress is almost always a great choice as well. This look is daring and will accentuate the rest of your look.

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Skin tight clothing is not always a good choice. Although there are occasions to wear that skin tight skirt of yours, there are times when looser clothing is a better choice. Much like showing off cleavage, skin tight clothing can portray the wrong message to others. A dress that flows creates the illusion of innocence and sexuality, where as a skin tight dress tends to show all.

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  8. A looser look leaves mystery for others and also allows you to feel more comfortable. Use heels to make a statement.

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    Heels not only add a few inches to make you appear taller, they also allow your legs to look long and leaner. If your outfit is simple heels can flash up your look. Take advantage of a hot pair of flashy shoes to make your look more sexual.

    LipLiner Sexy Sassy

    The key is to avoid the hooker stilettos that not only over do but make you feel as if you may fall over. Confidence is key.

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    This would have been one of those moments when after reading an assanine assessment of why Black women are perpetually single I had a temporary lapse of individual judgment, and wondered, sometimes out loud and oftentimes to my friend girls, should I have not pursued my Ph. Should I have not devoted my twenties to self-improvement? Should I have settled? The answer is no, hell no, to all three questions. I became a feminist during my pursuit of a Ph. I became a feminist in my twenties. So in many ways my Ph. You can call me Dr. It was like you were in my head taking notes of my jumbled thoughts and conflicting emotions, or a fly on the wall witnessing me come to terms with letting go of a lover who was never and would never be ready for me.

    Thank you for understanding…. I really appreciate this prose…it definitely speaks to the journey of Black Women with exceptional credentials. I find that being married to my Ph. D…as a global change agent. I believe in divine destiny, and if someone is to walk with you in it, they will show up, ready and willing to do the work of purpose.