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A small collection of well-presented scripts available for free download. Commercial Christian script publisher that offers 80 new scripts a year to subscribers. Christian drama and theatre resources.

Dramatic Difference Publications. Providing Christ-honoring dramas, cantatas, and programs on a fee basis. Dramatic License. A growing collection of free, short scripts based on biblical themes. Eldridge Church Plays and Musicals. Large collection of Christian drama scripts with free previews. Esther — Song of the Evening Star.

Ten Plays – Print Book

Musical based on the Biblical book of Esther. Faith Musicals.

Arthur Miller’s Centennial

Five full-length faith-building musical plays based on selected stories from the Bible. Faith Players Dramas. Original drama scripts, Powerpoint presentations, youth materials and worship ideas available for download. A Christian musical drama about the decisions people make about God, based on the Columbine tragedy. Light To The World Ministries. Catalogue of around 30 Christian drama scripts. Milton Parish Church Drama Resources. A collection of scripts available for download and free use in non-commercial settings.

Ten Plays – Print Book

Christian drama resource site with more than — some free. A collection of dramas and skits for use in youth or adult worship. Sometimes we are so familiar with the stories of Biblical characters that we miss the drama of human emotion and the wonder of Divine intervention. Scripts by Warren. Christian drama scripts of up to an hour in length. A collection of Christian skits and dramas all under ten minutes in length. The Sketch Pad. Sketches and scripts for use in church service; drama ministry tips.

Skits For The Sanctuary. Large collection of Christian skits and sketches from Canadian writers. Straight Up Ministries. Free skits and dramas for youth ministries and church organizations. Drama 5 minutes. Death , Heaven , Salvation. Roger remembers his girlfriend Tasha at her funeral Comedy 6 minutes. Evangelism and Missions , Salvation. Matt and George, two misguided young evangelists, try to persuade Toby to "accept Jesus into his heart" A death in the family and a looming graduation cause a teen to reflect on her own mortality.

Drama 10 minutes. Themes: Friendships , Meaning in Life. Mandy, a high school junior who should be studying for the SAT with her friends, only wants to play "Hide and Seek" Comedy 8 minutes. Authenticity , Prayer, Unanswered , Relationship with God. George has a crush on his friend Holly, so he wants to impress her Comedy 5 minutes.

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Evangelism and Missions , Obedience to God. It's Missions Conference time, and that means He's looking! Ryan is terrified that God will call him to serve overseas Greg doesn't usually make fun of kids who are "different. Themes: Bullying , Compassion , Gossip , Handicaps. Drama 4 minutes. Themes: Abuse , Sexuality. Lyla, a teenage girl, relates the story of how she was molested at age six.

Drama 8 minutes. They'll also enjoy getting to sing along with familiar Christmas carols! In the end, everyone will agree that they had a wonderful time experiencing "A Night in Bethlehem!

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Taken directly from the pages of the Bible, this is one of our Christmas Skits for Youth that is at once informative and a lot of fun to do! It tells the Christmas Story, as brought to life through the words of the Gospel writers, Matthew and Luke.

Drama by George Short Plays for Youth Groups Archives - Drama by George

Choose this skit if you are looking for a straightforward presentation of the Christmas Story. The skit runs minutes long by itself, but add some of the optional songs and Christmas by The Book may be transformed into a beautiful and meaningful Christmas Pageant! Actors and actresses portray the parts of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Gabriel… as well as all of those shepherds and wise men! Audiences will love the simplicity and the majesty of the Annunciation, and will thrill at hearing the words of Elizabeth and Mary as they declare the goodness of the LORD. The Christmas Story continues with visits from angels, shepherds, and wise men, and ends with Mary and Joseph finding themselves back in Nazareth raising Jesus.

The skit concludes by making the connection between the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah, who was to save His people from their sins, and their New Testament fulfillment in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also reminds us that this timeless story is still there in the pages of the Bible, where any of us may read Three versions of " Just A Little Christmas " are available, including one for elementary-aged children, one for Youth to do for younger children and a simpler version, which may work best if you have less time to prepare.

Just a Little Christmas! Just a Little Christmas - Simplified Version. This has been a favorite Christmas Skit with both children and parents for years! It comes in three versions: the Children's Version for younger children to put on for their parents, the Teen Version for Youth to put on for their families, and the Simplified Version which will help groups with little time to practice present the Christmas Story in all its beauty. Together these make up some of my favorite Christmas skits! The Children's Version is very sweet and childlike, complete with lots of shepherds and angels.

Your younger actors will find the lines simple and the stage directions straightforward. The Shortened Version is written in simple straightforward language, but tells the Christmas Story in its entirety. It is easy to produce, which may help those without much time for rehearsal. The Teen Version is a bit snappier, a bit saucier, and has significantly more laugh lines! In addition, the members of your Youth Group will be kept on their toes with innovative new stage directions. Written originally for elementary-aged children, the Children's Version of Just a Little Christmas is the best of the best!

Lines are just big enough for young ones to master in a short time. Narrators do the "heavy lifting" and are an integral part of the fun! Stage direction is given with young ones in mind. There won't be a lot of complex moving around for the children to worry about. While this Christmas Skit is lighthearted and fun to do, it is also filled with clear Biblical references and interesting facts.

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Did you know, for example, that Bethlehem is called the City of David because King David was born there? The skit runs minutes without songs and can involve as few as 12 or as many as 25 children. You can never have too many shepherds or angels! Family members will be delighted to see their child onstage and in costume as they help to portray the story of our Lord Jesus' birth!

While the other versions children's and teen's of Just a Little Christmas lend themselves to a full-scale production with lots of time to prepare, the Simplified Version of Just a Little Christmas is perfect for other settings.

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  • Let's say you want to do a Christmas Skit with the children in your group, but you don't have a lot of time to practice.