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The only place he can think to go is to Daniel. Can he convince Daniel that he sent him away all those years ago to save his life even knowing that he's putting Daniel in danger again? Will Daniel forgive him in time to save Jaryn's life? My Girl. The Bear Necessities Bear Essentials 4.

Saving Sawyer Mech Warrior 2. I do understand your concern. I have much the same concerns myself, but I cannot change who I am or how this hansal came about. I can only accept it and hope to honor the agreement as it was stated. There is apparently nothing I can do to make you see reason.

Unspoken Desires (Tri-Omega Mates #5) by Stormy Glenn

I imagine we will be spending a lot of time talking together in the future. Radulfr was strong. Vadirr was stronger. He sat curled under a pile of furs on his platform in the byre waiting for Radulfr to join him. And he was butt-ass naked. He could hear people talking and laughing outside his door and knew that they would be coming in at any moment.

He just wished that he had a little more time getting to know Radulfr or at least talking with him before the big show. The very thought that not only would Radulfr be coming into the room in a moment, but six other men who would watch them have sex, made Ein grip the furs in his hands so tight that his knuckles turned white. He was terrified. When the door opened and Radulfr stepped inside, Ein scooted up closer to the head of his bed and swallowed hard.

He swallowed again. He knew the basics of sex. The more we come together, the less it will hurt. I mean, can we cover up with a fur or something? The witnesses must see me claim you in order for the requirements of the handsal to be completed. If we were hiding under the furs, we could later say that we faked it and nothing really happened, thus nullifying the handsal.

He gripped the fur in his hands tighter and pulled it up to his neck. He absently noticed that his hands were trembling and tried to hide them under the covers.

He felt like an idiot, especially when Radulfr pulled the fur farther down and exposed him, a low growl coming from the man. The fur down around his feet, Ein watched in rapt anticipation as Radulfr moved to kneel on the platform bed, slowly crawling up to cover him with his larger body. He just stared until Ein began to grow anxious. I think I will enjoy looking at you for the next sixty years. Ein found it particularly interesting that they had both happened on the same day and came from the same man.

That had to mean something.

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If the tingling Ein felt in the pit of his stomach was any indication of what sex with Radulfr was like, Ein could only hope they did it often. Ein nodded. He forgot his objection almost immediately, kissing Radulfr back. Ein cried out and arched up into the air, never having felt a sensation so intense before in his life. He never wanted the pleasure shooting through his body to end. Ein froze, holding his breath as an oil-slicked finger slowly pushed into him, breaching him for the very first time. He glanced down to find Radulfr watching him intently even though his lips continued to explore his naked flesh.

When a second finger breached him, Ein inhaled sharply at the burn of pain he felt at the intrusion. Ein would rather be kissing Radulfr. Yeah, right. He tried to draw in a deep breath, but just as he did, Radulfr pushed a third finger into him.

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  • Ein cried out. Ein started moving with Radlufr, pushing back.

    Series: Tri-Omega Mates

    He just knew he never wanted to stop. When Radulfr moved to kneel between his legs and flipped him over onto his stomach, Ein wanted to protest. He liked what Radulfr had been doing. Then he felt something press against his ass again, something warm and hard but silky soft at the same time. His breath came and went in quick little pants. Ein arched his back, pressing up into the large body covering him. Radulfr felt just as good, if not better.

    He had never felt anything like it in his life. And then Radulfr started to move, and every intelligent thought Ein had in his mind melted away. Ein planted his hands and knees in the mattress and pushed back as Radulfr thrust forward. Honor Bound 47 The sensations riding over him made his skin prickle. Ein could even feel the hairs on the nape of his neck standing on end. It made Ein cry out. He almost opened his mouth to beg for more. And he would have until he felt a hand wrap around his cock, and then nothing came out of his mouth except the air left in his lungs.

    He could barely breathe after that, just feel. Radulfr became more fierce, pounding into Ein so much so that the platform creaked. He never wanted it to end. But then the sensations building in his body seemed to suddenly pool in his groin, in the hand wrapped around his cock stroking him and the cock pounding into his ass. Ein cried out as his world exploded into a million glowing stars. His vision seemed to blur from the brightness as he came. Ein dropped his head down onto the furs beneath him and closed his eyes, breathing heavily as he rode out his orgasm.

    He barely registered Radulfr pulling away and covering them both with the furs on the bed. Strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him over onto his side. He just felt too melted to acknowledge anything. He opened his eyes, inhaling swiftly when he saw several men standing around the room watching them. Ein groaned, quickly closing his eyes again before burying his face in the furs. He was so embarrassed.

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    He doubted he would be able to look any of these men in the face ever again. Once the door was closed, Ein felt Radulfr cuddle up behind him, an arm dropping over his waist. We can do anything we want. He was even more confused when Radulfr pulled his Honor Bound 49 pants up to the bed.

    Stormy Glenn

    I never even felt you pull them off. It means you were enjoying yourself. He chuckled when a stray duck feather puffed up into the air from the pillow then slowly floated down.

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    While having the witnesses there was a must, I wanted you to have good memories of our first time together. I could see how nervous you were. He had been nervous. He held out his hand, pushing himself up onto his elbows when Radulfr dropped a silver ring into the palm of his hand. He said one day I would find my betrothed and I would need a symbol of my commitment. It was bigger. He said 50 Stormy Glenn it was made the size it was for a reason, that the gods knew what they were doing and I needed to just accept it, that it would fit the finger of the betrothed that the gods chose for me.